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Harmony Hypnosis
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Very effective

Have been using this app for many years now and it is brilliant, my go to on a regular basis. I didn’t use to be a regular meditator and have picked it up and then stopped using many times. In the last few years though, it has become a regular habit and the more I have used it, the more instantly it works with me. I use it for little ‘naps’ during the day, when I hit a wall of tiredness and this helps me get into a deep meditation, or sleep, waking up revived after a short time. It also supports me when feeling anxious, or other difficult emotions that might be hard to shift. It really does make a difference. My advice if you’re new to it is don’t just think it doesn’t work for you if it doesn’t do anything when you first start, maybe even after a while of doing it, it really does take practice. Have a lifetime subscription now and it’s been worth it. Lots of updates give plenty of new options to try, which is also good. For me, it’s levels above some of the mindfulness apps like the headspace one in my opinion. Thank you Darren.

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