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I’ve been a Hypnosis fan for many years At the start of covid, life started throwing me some pretty mean & unfair battles to fight I was sinking & they were Winning ! I lost my Mum, then my beloved business & began to really flounder ! I got very sick & am now reliant on 24 hour oxygen. Odd to comprehend of a Dog Walker who walked 20+ miles most days – I can’t walk 20 yards now ! I was told that I had to stop smoking or I would die – end off ! So I did – I stopped smoking my 40 cigarettes each day with the help of Darren & his Hypno stop smoking app – brilliant ! I now use Darrens healing app every night when I go to bed – it’s simply beautiful ! I’ve purchased most of the other ‘popular’ hypnotherapy apps but none are anywhere near as outstanding as the Darren Marks hypnotherapy app ! If you’re thinking about trying hypnotherapy, just go straight to the best & don’t waste any time or money on the others – I don’t regret it for a minute & I’m pretty sure you won’t either !
jasmina z

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