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Overcome Fear Of The Dentist

Now a part of the Harmony Hypnosis App

Would you like to feel relaxed and at ease the next time you visit the dentist?

Fear is one of the basic, negative but necessary feelings all of us experience from time to time.

We feel it for a reason, usually to protect us, if you use this feeling to ensure you find a good dentist whom you like, well this is a good thing, but if your fear stops you from receiving necessary treatment then its time to redress the balance.

This application is designed to help you to begin to reprogram your mind to react in an appropriate way when you visit the dentist. It’s unlikely you’ll learn to love dental procedures as a result of using this app! The aim is for you to not be bothered, to feel neutral, to learn how to relax, breathe naturally and easily and allow your mind to wander onto other things whilst you allow the dentist to get on with their job as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

The Ultimate in Self Help… The high quality recordings entertain, relax, entrance and help get results rapidly.

– Yoga Magazine


  • A powerful hypnosis audio session for overcoming fear of the dentist.
  • Additional free hypnosis sessions designed to enhance and reinforce the phobia session:
  • 1. Relax Completely
  • 2. Let Go of Fear & Anxiety
  • 3. Total Relaxation in 10 minutes
  • All hypnosis sessions incorporate dual vocal delivery & unique powerful audio technology designed to help the listener access a deep hypnotic, meditation state much more quickly and easily than would be usually be possible.
  • A choice of beautiful, relaxing video animations to run with the audio programs.
  • Video interviews to help you understand and feel comfortable with the process and to simulate as closely as possible what its like to see Darren in person.
  • Additional tips for controlling fear.

Download Overcome Fear of The Dentist now, let go of your fears, learn to relax and feel back in control today!


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