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Harmony Hypnosis
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This beautiful healing hypnosis-meditation was shared with me by a dear friend during a very difficult time in my life. I felt like the rug was pulled from under my feet and I was afraid someone very dear to me is dying, and I felt helpless and deeply shaken up because it happened suddenly and it triggered a lot of old trauma from my past. I first listened to it several times a day and it had an immediate calming effect on me. It helped me be more gentle with myself and less anxiety ridden. Thankfully the situation has completely turned around but ever since then this app helps me fall asleep at night. It puts my mind at ease and it’s my favourite way to fall asleep. Sometimes during the day when I need a rest and my mind is just racing… I use this app to get me refreshed with some good rest. Sometimes it’s a nap, other times it’s just a much needed break. A deep clearing of the head. My favourite part is that it’s so effective even when I completely zone out and don’t even follow the prompts. I love it. And I think it’s one of the best gifts I have ever gotten myself
Clara Wasserstein

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