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Negative Thinking – Can it be Overcome With Hypnosis?


Some of you may have come across my recordings within the Harmony App to do with releasing negative thoughts and feelings, anger, sadness, fear and so on and releasing limiting beliefs and decisions, things like, “I’m not good enough, I can’t do it” and so on.

In fact, that’s the type of work I do most of when clients come to see me at my practice, helping people to work through these difficult thoughts and feelings. Sometimes it can be very hard, how is it possible to get something positive out of the negative experience? Especially if that experience includes for example, deep feelings of sadness because you have lost somebody that you love, or extreme feelings of fear because you have experienced abuse, hurt and pain.

Yet this is the question, this is the task. What are the positive learning’s that you can gain from that experience? When I sometimes feel a little bit stuck or my clients feel a little bit stuck, I draw on the words in the writings of Viktor Frankl.

Viktor Frankl was a Psychotherapist, he was also an inmate at Auschwitz concentration camp and he wrote a book which I recommend to all of you called “Mans Search For Meaning”. It’s a slim, but very profound volume. Within the pages of this book are a number of very inspiring stories.

One of them is where he describes being forcefully marched in the middle of a Polish winter, virtually starving to death to dig a railway track and people are dying at the side of the street. Whilst this is happening he is imagining himself at the Vienna University after the war, lecturing on the psychology of the concentration camp victim. Now to me this is an incredible example of someone who’s obviously a victim but he is choosing not to think like one.

Of course, that is what he did at the end of the war, he managed to survive and he went to the university in Vienna and lectured on that subject whereas, most of those people who survived left those countries; who could blame them? Viktor Frankl stayed and he took his experience and turned it to the good, in fact his book has been read by millions of people around the world and has inspired many people including myself.

There’s another story within that volume which I found very inspiring, it’s where he describes being stripped naked, thrown into a cell. He believes he is going to die and at that moment he decides to think about all of the amazing and wonderful things that have happened to him in his life. He has this epiphany, he realizes that it doesn’t matter what they do to him, and they cannot take away his ability to choose what he thinks.
For me, that thought is the bedrock of all of the work that I do; it’s all about moving from a place of feeling like a victim of something to recognizing that you’re in control. No matter how difficult, how challenging the experiences that you have had in the past; it is possible to come back from that and to live a good and positive, uplifting life.

So, if there’s one thing that you take from using our recordings, from working with either myself or someone like myself; it is recognizing that the language that you use, even silently in your own mind makes a difference to how you feel. It helps you to shift your perspective and when you shift your perspective, it’s possible to transform anything and to move from that place of being like a victim, to having power and control in your life.

I wish you all the health, harmony, happiness and every success that the world has to offer.