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Hypnosis smartphone apps have become the latest self development hypnotherapy tools. Darren Marks has created a popular range of best selling hypnotherapy apps which simulate as closely as possible what its like to see a real hypnotherapist.The applications which can be found in the iTunes app store and include iPhone and iPad apps along with hypnosis apps for Googles Android platform, Blackberry, Nokia and Windows 7. Each hypnotherapy app includes video explanations of hypnosis as well powerful, high quality audio hypnosis sessions.





[dropcaps style=”circle”]1.[/dropcaps] Total Confidence & Success


[dropcaps style=”circle”]2.[/dropcaps] Easy Weight Loss


[dropcaps style=”circle”]3.[/dropcaps] Sleep Deeply


[dropcaps style=”circle”]4.[/dropcaps] Easy Stop Smoking


[dropcaps style=”circle”]5.[/dropcaps] Freedom From Negative Feelings


[dropcaps style=”circle”]6.[/dropcaps] Control Alcohol


[dropcaps style=”circle”]7.[/dropcaps] Freedom From Fears & Phobias


[dropcaps style=”circle”]8.[/dropcaps] Total Relaxation


[dropcaps style=”circle”]9.[/dropcaps] Sport & Fitness Excellence


[dropcaps style=”circle”]10.[/dropcaps] Healing Hypnosis





Easy Weight Loss – “Works great, worth every penny”


[testimonial name=”by Busymomof2 – Canada App Store Review”]I’ve been using the easy weight loss recording for many months now and have lost almost 55lbs now. The audio is clear, the music is pleasant to listen to, and the technique used is very good. I’ve used other hypnosis recordings in the past, and haven’t stuck with any of them until this one. I noticed changes in the amounts I ate and the speed I ate them at within just a few days of listening to them. I highly recommend this app and the weight loss recording – permanent changes are always better than any fad diet. Many of my friends have asked how I’ve been losing weight and I’ve steered them to this recording. Nothing is a magic solution, but this makes the hard work seem easy.[/testimonial]


totalconfidenceTotal Confidence & Success HD (for iPad) – “Absolutely Sublime”


[testimonial name=”by Carlos Abler – US App Store Review”]I personally have a lot of experience doing this kind of suggestive work in the context of performance workshops and so my standards are pretty high. I’ve been exploring many hypnosis/affirmation apps, and I have to say that Darren’s work is head and shoulders above the rest … I would absolutely recommend getting as many of Darren’s apps as are relevant to you. Trust me you’ll save thousands on psychotherapy. You can make tremendous progress with these tools.[/testimonial]



stopsmokingStop Smoking – “At last I’m free”


[testimonial name=”by C Davies Finn – UK App Store Review”]So after 25 years of smoking 20 cigarettes a day, I stumbled across this App and decided to give it a try and to my surprise it worked! I am now 7 weeks as a non smoker and I had no cravings and can happily sit with smokers and have no cravings at all, for a fraction of the cost of a packet of cigarettes try this if you truly want to give up thanks.[/testimonial]


deepsleepSleep Deeply – “No longer sleepless in Seattle”


[testimonial name=”by Katsp – US App Store Review”]I love this app! I purchased several sleep apps and this is my favorite, the one I use all the time. Not only is there a session for sleep, but the app includes sessions for relaxation. The hypnotherapist’s voice never fails to lull me to sleep. I also find that the content of the sessions are more effective at inducing a state of deep relaxation, or sleep, than other apps. The upgraded version has addressed the internet connection glitch, and I have had no difficulties whatsoever. I will say that the customer service is first-rate, if there is an issue. All-in-all, I would highly recommend this app. It has helped me get off sleeping pills![/testimonial]