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A powerful and comprehensive app for childbirth which covers all eventualities from natural birth to c-section and how to help your baby arrive if overdue. You can try our introductory Relaxation Visualisation for free right now and if you enjoy this you can access all the other recordings via inapp purchase.

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  • Enjoy your pregnancy, having all the energy you need to do all that you have to do
  • Have a wonderful birth experience, being relaxed and in control, working with your body and allowing your muscles and skin to stretch easily and naturally in a pain-free way
  • Promote your own rapid healing and recovery with minimal blood loss
  • Bond easily with your baby, enjoy breastfeeding (if you choose to do this) and be confident in your abilities as a mother
  • Get back to pre-pregnancy weight, shape and dimensions very soon after the birth


Created by renowned hypnotherapist and author Paola Bagnall:


Paola is an experienced hypnotherapist.  She has a degree in biology and is a qualified teacher with over thirty-five years’ experience, giving her an excellent understanding of the beautifully designed female body.  She retired from teaching in July 2004 to take up hypnotherapy full-time.

Paola first learned self-hypnosis and found that she was able to tap into the Inner Power of the unconscious mind to heal a shoulder injury she had had for several years.  The medical profession had been unable to help her.  Having discovered the innate ability we all have to heal ourselves, if we desire to, by harnessing these inner resources, Paola went on to become a fully qualified hypnotherapist, helping people to control pain and to heal themselves.

With her knowledge of biology and hypnotherapy, Inner Power Hypnobirthing was born and Paola has now trained many hypnotherapists in these techniques.  Hypnobirthing helps mothers to enjoy a wonderfully natural pregnancy and childbirth where the mum is in control.  With so many hypnobirthing success stories, Paola was persuaded to publish a book, ‘Birth Made Easy’, a comprehensive manual on her unique method.


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 17 reviews
by bebeharris on Hypnobirthing

I loved this hypnobirthing. it made me feel less anxious

by A Google user on Hypnobirthing

Easy to use and so useful throughout pregnancy

by Megan Unknown on Hypnobirthing

I found this app helpful during pregnancy, labor and post partum. I was hesitant to pay the fee to unlock the other recordings but happy I did. I also found the fee extreamly fair. I used the recordings regularly. My hubby loved the sleep one as well. I used the sleep app every night and I believe its what helped me get quality sleeps in my last trimester. I used each recording many times and I found there were enough options for the different stages during my pregnancy, including when I was over due Great app!

by A Google User on Hypnobirthing

Love the soothing feeling.

by Sam Morley on Hypnobirthing
Loving the sleep hypnosis

This has saved me from preggo insomnia! However the app always crashes overnight and means my alarm clock just keeps on vibrating, which is weird. At least I sleep though!

by SophBV on Hypnobirthing
I swear by this book/app

I used Paola's Birthing Made Easy hypnobirthing techniques for the labour and birth of my first child almost 3 years ago. My pregnancy yoga teacher recommended it to me. It was brilliant and using the techniques enabled me to have a smooth, quick and controlled birth. It helped me to use my contractions to help me push the baby down and to minimise the pain I experienced.

I intended to use the book and app for the birth of my second baby a week ago. However, my daughter arrived 4 weeks early so I hadn't got into it as much as I had hoped! But having already used hypnobirthing once the techniques came back to me even though I had only re-read one chapter of the book and used the app briefly. I would highly recommend Birthing Made Easy and the app is a brilliant addition to the book.

by natashashopper12 on Hypnobirthing
Highly recommended

I was terrified about going through labour and how I would cope with motherhood. Birth made easy taught me invaluable relaxation techniques through visualisation, breathing methods and self hypnosis which I still use today. I was able to heal quickly after labour and enjoyed breastfeeding. Using the techniques in Birth made easy will empower you and enable you to embrace a truly wonderful experience. My son is now 10 and I continue to recommend Birth made easy to all my pregnant friends and they have found it to be both concise and extremely informative. I highly recommend this book and app.

by CAnnMoody on Hypnobirthing
Love the App

I used the Inner Power Hypnobirthing book and CD for the birth of both of my boys. I only wish this App had been developed sooner!
I still use Paola's relaxation track, which I have found invaluable over the years to help me revitalize my energy from exhausting days and nights from both children and a demanding job.
I am so excited to have access to the relaxation program on the app wherever I go!
I have recommended Inner Power Hypnobirthing numerous times, and I look forward to sharing the app with others.

by Renée Hasseldine on Hypnobirthing
Can't imagine giving birth without Paola!

I'm forever grateful for Paola's hypnosis during the birth of my two children. Highly recommended.

by MarkB79 on Hypnobirthing
Mark B

this helped us a lot. we weren’t sure if it would work but it definitely did. the relaxation techniques are excellent and my partner found that the whole experience of giving birth was far more pleasant and much less stressful than she had imagined it would be! a very useful app.

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