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Control Premature Ejaculation

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Anxiety plays a big role in sexual problems and can sometimes produce an almost phobic response of fear.

This session is designed to help you to begin to reprogram your mind to feel comfortable, confident, competent and in control during sexual activity.

The aim is for you to learn how to relax, breathe naturally and feel really good about those situations.

Practical Tips For Stopping Premature Ejaculation

1) On a physical level premature ejaculation is most often caused by overstimulation, so different sexual positions can cause different results for ejaculatory performance. The missionary position might be worse for many because it can be difficult to remain relaxed and keep the pelvic contractions from being tensed in this position. Positions where the girl is responsible for the movement may be better. Girl-on-top allows you to remain still, lying, and relaxed. Keep your pelvic contractions and legs as relaxed as possible.

2) Practice is also very important. If you’re someone with little experience it may just mean you need some more time. Experience isn’t a cure for premature ejaculation, it’s just that some have premature ejaculation or have premature ejaculation worsened simply from inexperience. The experience will teach you more about your reflexes too and perhaps how to relax and control and the recordings in this app will also help you with this process.

3) One really practical tool which can be very effective is the stop and start technique. This technique simply means you bring yourself near to the point of no return, and then stop all stimulation before it’s too late. For some men, this includes removal of the penis from the vagina, although for others this may not be necessary.

After the urgent feeling to ejaculate subsides, usually after about 30 seconds, then thrusting and intercourse can be resumed. This stop and start technique can be repeated several times.

Communication is the key, let your partner know that you are getting close to orgasm and to slow down or temporarily stop.

4) Another technique is called ‘The Squeeze’ and involves either the male or his partner, squeezing the head of the penis, with the thumb on the connecting skin at the tip and right under the head of the penis and the finger on the head, as pressure is applied. This position is held until the urge to ejaculate has subsided and sex can then continue. This step can be repeated until the male is ready to ejaculate.

In addition to intercourse, the squeeze and the stop and start technique can also be practised with your hand.

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