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Control Alcohol

Now a part of the Harmony Hypnosis App

This session is designed to help you easily recognize your limits and know when to stop drinking.

For some it may be desirable to stop drinking completely either in the short term or for the long term and others may simply wish to reduce consumption. How you decide to apply the tools embedded in this app is entirely up to you.


Tips To Control Drinking

Stick to the limits & know your own

A bit obvious really, but the best way to stay healthy is not to drink more than the sensible daily limit and to have at least two days without alcohol every week

Eat before you drink.

Don’t drink on an empty stomach.  Foods with fats and/or proteins slow alcohol absorption.  A decent meal will give you more energy too!

Relax before you drink.

Many people drink in order to unwind and relax. Use one of your hypnosis audios before you go out or when you get home at the end of the day. That way you start to relax naturally and won’t feel the need to drink so much.

Eat while you’re drinking.

Just as eating before you start drinking can help limit how quickly alcohol gets into your bloodstream, it’s also a good idea eat a bit whilst you’re drinking too. Giving your stomach something other than alcohol also helps prevent the drink irritating your gut so much as well.

Keep active.

Don’t just sit down and drink all night. If you keep active, you will drink less and will be more aware of how drunk you are.

Set a ‘drinking budget’ and stick to it.

Think about how much you’re going to drink before you start. One way of helping to make sure you don’t go over this is to take only enough money to buy the drinks you decide you want to drink and enough to get you home safely.

Use soft-drink ‘spacers’

Why not alternate between alcoholic and soft drinks? That way, you can make your alcohol allowance last longer. It’ll also ensure you don’t get dehydrated and reduce the likelihood of a hangover in the morning.

Avoid drinking games and drinking in rounds

Drinking games and drinking in rounds can mean everyone ends up drinking more than they want to. If you do drink in rounds, order a soft drink from time to time or when it’s your turn to go to the bar.

Don’t drink every day

The human is an amazing organ. Not only does it deal with all kinds of poisons for us, including alcohol, it can also repair itself. Drinking alcohol causes changes in some liver cells and kills off others. But you have to give it a chance. Give yourself at least two alcohol free days every week.

Use Mixers

Dilute your drinks rather than having them straight. After the first few drinks, reduce the amount of alcohol in each drink. Your taste buds will be dulled and you won’t be able to tell the difference. Switch to low or non alcoholic wine or beer (Again, your taste buds will be dulled and you won’t notice the difference.)


Make Your Own Decisions

A lot of the time, we just assume that people will think we’re strange if we don’t order alcoholic drinks all the time when we’re out. Try ordering lemonade or a fruit juice every now and then – you might inspire others to join you! And if some people don’t like it, well, that’s their problem.

Keep a drinking diary

Attempting to remember exactly what we drank over the last week can be difficult. Keep a daily diary for a couple of weeks, detailing what you drank and where. It will help you get a better picture of what’s going on and to decide what you should do to keep your drinking at a sensible level.

Download Control Alcohol now, learn to relax and have fun naturally today!


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