The New App For Relax

Have you heard about my new app, Be Calm Now? Please read the official press release below for further details:



becalmnowDarren Marks, London’s most recommended hypnotherapist, celebrates the release of his new free smartphone app: Be Calm Now.

In today’s fast paced society, the state of relaxation is not something we can easily achieve. In fact, for some, the journey to work is the longest time they are able to be alone with their own thoughts. Some individuals don’t know how to relax, and burn the candle at both ends, with emotional and physical consequences.

However, due to the practice of hypnotherapy, that little bit of “me” time is easier to grasp, easier to experience, and in turn easier to appreciate. The Darren Marks Be Calm Now smartphone app helps individuals to obtain a state of true relaxation in under Ten minutes, allowing people to tune out of the hustle and bustle whenever they please. Through dual vocal delivery, which provides simultaneous suggestions, Darren helps individuals reach a true hypnotic state to aid a calm and relaxed sense of being. This app is the perfect compliment to Darren’s free Twenty minute app, Relax completely.

On discussing the release of Be Calm Now, Darren said: “This free app aims to help individuals live a better life by ensuring they are able to take some time now and again, to release negative emotions, to reach a state of relaxation and to refresh their mental state. Everyone, no matter how old or young, who feels a sense of pressure from day-to-day constraints needs that “me” time to recharge their batteries and move forwards with a spring in their step. I have ensured that this app in particular compliments my free Twenty minute app, Relax completely, which provides a quick and effective way for helping individuals to relax and unwind.”

To date, Relax Completely has received rave reviews on an international scale, which suggests Be Calm Now will reach similar heights. The great response shows Darren’s success in treating people worldwide, and his fantastic ability of transferring his practical hypnotherapy sessions to digital applications. The latter is highlighted by the fact Darren has won several industry awards for his apps.

Darren Marks is an experienced hypnotist, hypnotherapist and Master Practitioner of NLP. He is the founder of Advanced Hypnotherapy Training Ltd, and has practised on Harley Street. He has also worked as a hypnotherapist for the South East Cancer Help Centre. He currently practices in Hertfordshire and at Adams House, London.

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App Reviews

imagesIn May I shared some positive reviews that I had received for my Easy Weight Loss app. Over recent weeks I have been overwhelmed with the wonderful comments I have received about some of my other apps. It is such a wonderful feeling to know that the use of my apps and mp3 downloads can help individuals overcome a certain problem that is dramatically affecting their lives. Thank you to those who have let comments via email or on social media pages, here are a handful for you all to read:


Claire Hamer:

I listen to the supercharge confidence and positive thinking everynight and you have transformed me. I have been clinically depressed on 60mg prozac for 5 years and iam now drug free and feel better than ever! thankyou 

Mary Lynn Caver:

Hi Darren, Have been having an amazing success with the losing weight easily app. I have not gotten on the scale yet as its only been two weeks, but I’ve noticed an unbelievable change in my eating habits. I no longer want to eat at night (for over a week), I put my fork down between every bite, I’m only eating about half of what I was eating before and my clothes are feeling looser, so I think in two weeks when I do step on that scale I’m going to be pleasantly surprised. I want to thank you for making this app available it’s wonderful. Additionally, I purchased the Power Animals app and had an amazing experience with a guide I’ve never met before, so thank you again. Your work is wonderful and I talk about it to everyone I know! Peace and blessings.

Carlos Abler: 

I personally have a lot of experience doing this kind of suggestive work in the context of performance workshops and so my standards are pretty high. I’ve been exploring many hypnosis/affirmation apps, and I have to say that Darren’s work is head and shoulders above the rest … I would absolutely recommend getting as many of Darren’s apps as are relevant to you. Trust me you’ll save thousands on psychotherapy. You can make tremendous progress with these tools.

For further information about my apps or for any questions you have, please visit: or alternatively feel free to email me at:

The Top 5 Reasons to cut down on alcohol…

The government has recently abandoned plans to introduce minimum unit pricing on alcohol, a policy many health professionals have been suggesting for some time in a bid to reduce national alcohol consumption. Indeed, several government health adviser’s have since quit as a result of this change of heart. However, for many people reducing their alcohol intake or stopping completely in the short or long term is desirable. Whatever your reasons for wanting to do so, cutting down on alcohol is something you won’t regret.

Reduce your Alcohol ConsumptionReducing your alcohol consumption has lots of positive benefits. As well as improving your health, it can have a positive effect on your relationships and even your sex life. There are now plenty of practical ways to go about cutting down on your alcohol consumption, but first….


How much is too much?


Honestly assessing how much you drink is important in making any lifestyle changes, a good way of doing so is to use Drink Aware’s online calculator - which can help you understand how many units you drink and how this compares to the daily or weekly guidelines.

The government advice states: “People should not regularly drink more than the daily unit guidelines of 3-4 units of alcohol for men (equivalent to a pint and a half of 4% beer) and 2-3 units of alcohol for women (equivalent to a 175ml glass of wine).”

If you are drinking more than this regularly (meaning almost daily), then it could be time to consider the benefits of cutting back on alcohol, here are the five best reasons for cutting back:

1) Weight Watching – Alcohol has more calories in it than most people realise, with 500 calories in a bottle of wine, it is a great way to keep your weight in check.

2) Sleep Easy – Alcohol interferes with your sleep processes, drinking less means more you get more high quality sleep.

3) Be Happier! – Alcohol is a depressant, so despite many people drinking to relax, it could actually be making you more stressed.

4) The Hangover – Everyone has had ‘the fear’ the morning after the night before, when you realise you did something you would never have done whilst sober. Compound this with the headaches and nausea, wouldn’t you like to eliminate hangovers?

5) Your Health – Your long-term health is the best reason to reduce your alcohol intake, reducing the risks of cancer, diabetes and heart disease amongst the many health benefits,

To help with reducing your alcohol intake, I have designed an app incorporating specialist hypnosis techniques and advice, to help you manage the process naturally.

There is no time like the present to reduce your alcohol intake and make a positive change in your life.


Explore great sex with the ‘Great Sex’ app!


Many people like many different kinds of sex, but there are a few different kinds that are guaranteed to satisfy everybody’s needs. Life can at times be bit stressful for you or  your partner , for example if they’ve had a bad day or their boss has been a real nightmare – try comforting sex. This helps to distract your partner and cheer them up so they forget about the rubbish day they may have had. Try to stick with methods you both like, and familiar territory so as not to make a sweet suggestion sour.

Most people are familiar with the fantasies  and desires of their partner – however this ‘great sex app’ can help you explore a new part of yourself – igniting a new chapter for your relationship not to mention – self discovery.

Try reverting back to your primitive desires. It still works for most couples and can help to release addition sexual tensions that may have built up. The trick is to keep a variety at hand in order to not get bored too quickly. One form that biologically never fails to work is make -up sex. When you are fighting with your partner the chemicals that arouse you rise and inevitably make you attracted to your partner.

If you’re usually having sex in the bedroom, try spicing things up a little further by moving all over the house. Try different rooms and positions. This helps to add creativity to sex and can stimulate partners further making sex more exciting and exhilarating. If you are interested in spicing up your sex life, take a look at our great sex app and reach different levels of erotic pleasure you didn’t know were possible.

 Remember , great sex is all in the mind and the app of course!5248574137_good_sex_answer_2_xlarge


The language of hypnosis

imagesThere are many common everyday words used by the hypnotists of today’s society , however , if you delve deeper , you’ll find that a lot of them hold a very different specific meaning- that may not be quite what you expect. If you fancy a quick guide in this fascinating and transfixing lingo, read on…

Session – A session is generally a single visit to a hypnotist, though this term is also used more narrowly to mean the hypnosis portion of the session itself. In terms of using the word session to describe only the hypnosis portion this encompasses the induction, deepening, suggestion and awakening phases.

Awakening – To close with an instruction of ‘awakening’ given to the subject. Awakening is brief and simple, the hypnotist will count the client out of hypnosis or ask the client to take a small number of deep breaths and open their eyes when they’re ready, usually taking less than a minute. Upon first ‘awakening’ mental clarity is expected after a few moments of dizziness.

Induction – This is the initial process of bringing a subject from waking consciousness into a hypnotic trance which is generally the first phase of a hypnosis session. The induction phase has characteristics of measured and steady tones of voice, delivered in short rhythmic phrases.

Deepening – Bringing the subject from a lighter trance into a deeper trance. Sometimes a hypnotist will bring a subject ‘up’ slightly or ask them to open and close their eyes, followed by suggestions to then go deeper than before. This follows the induction period and some may even include it in completely in the induction instead of following its process.

Resistance – This is a broad term used to describe various roadblocks when conducting hypnosis. Common types of resistance are fears about hypnosis, fear of losing control, difficulty in relaxing the mind or body and ambivalence about the stated goal.

Suggestions – These are the therapeutic statements used to effect change during the session with the hypnotherapist. Once the induction phase has rendered the subject into a state of hypnosis, appropriate suggestions are made based on the subjects goal and their typical communication style to heighten the impact of the sessions results. Suggestions are more likely to be delivered in a manner which shall appear more like normal speech as opposed to the rhythmic monotone of an induction. This stage would include a careful choice of words and phrasing, subtle emphasis placed on key words – in some cases chosen by the subject and phrases and modulation of vocal characteristics familiar to them to convey or imply additional meaning and impact.

For a more indepth meaning to hypnotherapy from the winner of the best mobile app 2013 , please visit websites and

Get slim and face summer head on

fit-for-summerSo the good news is we’ve reached the longest day of the year, June 21st or the Summer Solstice, but the bad news is we’re still waiting for summer to catch up.

On the positive side, that means we’ve still got time to shift those stubborn inches left over from our winter comfort eating. Yes winter does seem to have been a very long season, which is why we may not be as light as we’d like heading into summer.

What’s our goal?

With the realisation that rising temperatures might be on the cards, the inevitable need to wear less layers is very much a possibility. Those extra layers were pretty good for covering up all our unsightly lumps and bumps, but it’s time to shed them. So with that in mind we want to achieve a bikini body fit for the beach and our impending holiday. We want to look good in all our finery for the abundance of summer weddings, christenings and family get-togethers we are about to attend. Or failing that, just feeling comfortable in our own skin would do.

So what’s the plan?

Right, well obviously it’s just a matter of taking control of our eating habits and a bit of exercise. Job done, beach here I come. If only it was that simple right? Well for some it is, but others find this logical approach a lot harder to put into practice.

A fad diet?

If celebrities swear by them they must work right? No, we’re guessing their weight loss is more likely due to having a personal trainer and a punishing fitness regime. We doubt they really waste time eating cabbage soup for weeks on end.

A little gentle exercise

Okay so we’re not all in the fortunate position of having our own personal trainer or the time to dedicate to sculpting our bodies to such a degree, but we can increase the amount of exercise we take. A little stroll here, the stairs instead of the lift, and a walk to the corner shop instead of a drive…you get the picture.

The helpful app

Healthy eating is not so easy to maintain. Yes it looks simple in principal, but we need to dig deep to retrieve our will power and undo the bad eating habits that we have fallen into. Don’t worry it is achievable; you just need the Darren Mark Easy Weight Loss app. This app was voted the Winner of Best Fitness App at The Best Mobile App Awards this year and will help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Hurry up summer, we’re ready for you.

Desperately seeking a good night’s sleep

good-nights-sleepThere are many reasons why our sleep patterns become disrupted. Some periods of unrest are just little glitches perhaps due to a stressful period of time in our life. These often resolve themselves without the need of intervention and our sleep patterns normalise in line with our lives. For others these sleepless episodes can be just the start of a long term problem.

A pain in the back

Back ache is widely suffered by the nation and definitely impacts on our sleep. Again it can be an irritation that flares up from time to time and although disruptive, often passes without too much impact on our wellbeing. However the worst case scenario, chronic back pain, can obviously lead to many a restless night and long term sleep deprivation. This not only impacts on our health, but also our memory and concentration.

If you currently suffer from a back problem or have done so in the past, you will know all too well what impact this has on your own life and sleep patterns.

Apart from being incredibly frustrating, missing a good night’s sleep is not something we want to repeat on a regular basis. Fortunately most of us don’t, but for those who are constantly affected, persistent back pain can completely disrupt your sleep for nights, weeks and months on end.

Sleep, wherefore art thou?

Some of us manage to resolve the problem by upgrading our beds and mattresses or investing in expensive memory foam versions or toppers. Others find swapping their pillow height or adjusting their sleeping position helpful. However for many these changes do not get the desired result. A good night’s sleep. Instead they are left desperately seeking sleep…if only they had the energy to find it.

Sleep Deeply

That’s where the Darren Mark Hypnotherapy Sleep Deeply app comes in. This smart app can be utilised from your iPhone, smartphone or iPad and can help you make friends with your bed again. For those sceptics out there, the app has been incredibly well received by sleep suffers around the world and was awarded the Best Medical App at the 2011 ‘Best App Ever Awards’.

If you long to feel that lovely comfortable relief when you hit the pillow again, this app is definitely for you so give it a go.

Hypnotherapy Improves Health

applejpgToday’s newspapers are riddled with the depressing story that by 2020 half of us Britons will develop cancer at some point in our lives. As depressing as this figure is, the report did also advise that more and more people are surviving this horrible disease.

Although Hypnotherapy cannot of course rid cancer, it can help people who are diagnosed with the disease. Through relaxation methods and techniques, sufferers can learn to think positively about their situation, perceive drugs, such as chemotherapy, as a friend that will help them rid the disease, and overall approach this milestone in their lives with a fighting spirit.

This concept falls in line with the theory of psychoneuroimmunology – The study of the immune system and the mind. Scientists have discovered that our mentality can have a direct affect on our immune system and physical well being. For those with a strong positive mind set, they are more able to resist illness and disease compared to those with a negative mentality.

Hypnotherapy therefore allows us to secure a positive connection between our mental and physical well being. Hypnotherapy has also been known to provide the following health benefits:

  • Helping individuals to rid feelings of anxiety and depression
  • Helping individuals to overcome fears, phobias and feelings of panic
  • Helping individuals to overcome feelings of anger
  • Helping individuals to visualise recovery, and in turn help them to fight the disease in hand
  • Helping individuals to rid stress related IBS
  • Helping individuals to manage physical pain
  • Helping individuals to reduce high blood pressure through deep relaxation

To improve your mental and physical well being, the first step is being able to relax. This can easily be achieved through my Total Relaxation app. For further information please do not hesitate to contact me, or alternatively please visit the following websites:

How Hypnotherapy Can Stop You Being SAD…

sunshineAlthough we have fad a few days of sunshine this year, we are far from embracing a true Summer season. For many the thought of a continuing Winter is somewhat depressive, particularly for those that suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Seasonal Affective Disorder, according to the NHS, is a type of depression that has a seasonal pattern. When the days get shorter and darker, two very important chemicals in our brain are affected, Serotonin and Melatonin. Melatonin is produced when it gets dark, it is how our bodies know that it is the right time to go to sleep. Serotonin is responsible for maintaining a healthy state of mind. It helps us feel motivated, and overall has a great affect on our mood and behaviour. For those that suffer from S.A.D, their levels of serotonin are somewhat lower. Hypnotherapy, however, can help stimulate the production of Serotonin.

It has been suggested that there is more to S.A.D than just shorter and darker days. As if this was the case, far more people in the UK would suffer from this condition. The thought and the concept of dark days, long winters and no sun, immediately instigates the depressive state of mind for sufferers of S.A.D. However, through the use of hypnotherapy such individuals can learn to become more relaxed and take control of their subconscious mind, and turn their pre-emptive negative thoughts into positive ones. Thus on the brink of Winter, when sufferers of S.A.D start to feel depressed they should use Hypnotherapy to understand why they think in the way that they do, and consequently break any negative cycles and move forwards in a positive manner.

Although not directly connected to S.A.D my Freedom From Negative Feelings app uses this process, allowing people to eliminate negativity from their lives and move forward in a constructive light. For more information on this application, or on the benefits of hypnotherapy for depression related conditions please visit the following websites: 


Easy Weightloss App Reviews

weightlossappLast week I announced that my Easy Weight Loss App had won Best Health App at the Best Mobile App Awards. It was a real honour to receive this award, and demonstrates how successful hypnotherapy can be for achieving such goals as weight loss. Easy Weight Loss is one of my most popular apps, which has received excellent reviews on an international scale. It is always nice to share positive news and receive great support, therefore I thought I would share some of the reviews I have received for this app in this blog post:

“I’ve been using the easy weight loss recording for many months now and have lost almost 55lbs now. The audio is clear, the music is pleasant to listen to, and the technique used is very good. I’ve used other hypnosis recordings in the past, and haven’t stuck with any of them until this one. I noticed changes in the amounts I ate and the speed I ate them at within just a few days of listening to them.

I highly recommend this app and the weight loss recording – permanent changes are always better than any fad diet.

Many of my friends have asked how I’ve been losing weight and I’ve steered them to this recording. Nothing is a magic solution, but this makes the hard work seem easy.” 

by “Busymomof2″ – Canada App Store Review

“Lost 10 pounds in one month listening to Darren Marks each night. No other changes in lifestyle. Hypnosis App really works “

by “CG” – US App Store Review

“I love this app – without even trying I’m eating less and never hungry !! And all that delicious water has given me beautiful skin !! Worth the money if only for the relaxing ! Have tried P McKenna’s stuff but this one far better. Try it !! “

by “JJ Mounz” – UK App Store Review

“I’ve been using this app for many months now and not only have I been able to lose a couple of stone, but perhaps more importantly, I’m just feeling a lot better about myself. The video explanations set the whole up in a really professional way and I love the multiple session options which keep the programme feeling fresh. The app itself obviously doesn’t make you lose weight, but its helped me focus my mind in such a way that it’s just easier to make good choices for myself. Thanks alot!” 

by “YJYoung” – UK App Store Review

“This time last year I was 13 stone. Thanks to this app I am now 9 stone 5 pounds :)

by “FeelingFab” – UK App Store Review