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We’ve tested the apps thoroughly and know they’re working correctly on the various different combinations of software and hardware; however a couple of issues can arise.

There could have been a glitch when you downloaded. In order to resolve this issue please delete the app from your device, and then restart the device before syncing with your computer to ensure you have the most up to date operating system, reinstall the app and then try launching it again. Make sure you’re using a strong wifi connection; we’ve kept the files at a high quality, so they’re quite large.

If this doesn’t help it may be that there is not enough memory in your phone to download and store the audios and may cause the app to crash. In this case you would need to delete some files from your phone in order to make space.

I accidentally deleted my copy of the application. Can I get it back without paying?

You only need to purchase the package once on your phone. Once the package is purchased you will find the same package with the option ‘Free’ so you can re-download it.


I have downloaded the video/audio but m getting the error “The media being played is of an unsupported format.”

If there is a network connection problem while downloading this may cause file corruption.
Corrupted files cannot be played in player.

In this case please delete the package/file again and re-download the same.

Please take the following precautions while downloading the package/audio/video:

1. Please open the application regularly and check the downloading status, if minimized, while downloading.

2. Please make sure that your phone has enough battery to complete the downloading process. As the file size may be above 25 Mb so it requires more battery while downloading. The downloading process will break up if the phone gets switched off due to low battery.

3. Please mount your SDcard before downloading. As every audio/audio/package will directly download into SDCard .

4. Check your internet connection, internet speed should be high as much as possible before downloading.


Still got a problem?

If you are still experiencing a problem with one of our applications please check out our knowledgebase and if that doesn’t help contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible (usually within 24hrs).

We’re sorry you’re experiencing difficulties but guarantee to resolve the issue to your satisfaction asap.

Thank you!