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Be Calm Now

Now a part of the Harmony Hypnosis App

Discover an Easy, Free Way to Quickly and Instantly Relax and Live a Better Life.
  1. In today’s fast paced world, staying relaxed is increasingly difficult. This powerful hypnotic relaxation session is designed to help you access a calm state in under ten minutes and is the perfect complement to the twenty minute free app Relax Completely.
  2. Created by Darren Marks, London’s most recommended hypnotherapist, whose incredible range of hypnosis apps have now been downloaded over a million times around the world, the app features:
  3. Total Relaxation in Ten Minutes
  4. Dual vocal delivery, where different suggestions are delivered simultaneously through the right and left ears, we strongly recommend listening through headphones.
  5. Looping feature so you can extend your session
  6. Additional sessions via inapp purchase including longer versions of Total Relaxation and sessions for assisting with many kinds of fears, phobias and negative emotions like anger, sadness, hurt and guilt.
  7. Playlist that allows you to create your own personal program.
  8. Beautiful relaxing background videos.
  9. FAQs in video format so you can understand the process and find out more about the hypnotherapist.

Download Be Calm Now and discover the positive impact of hypnotic relaxation today!


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